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Businessman Alexander Soares dos Santos dies

Businessman and manager Alexandre Soares dos Santos died this Friday at the age of 84, Papilico reported. Soares dos Santos was the president of the group Ferinimo Martins.

It was 46 years before the fate of the Oerimino Martins group, of which Pingo Doke is also a part. He was a leader in the internationalization of the company, which is present today in the markets of Poland and Colombia. He was also chaired by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Society, which besides owning the majority of Ferinimo Martins, is funded by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation. He retired in 2013.

In an interview with Express in February 2018, he said the current government solution was "not bad" for the country, but left an election year warning: "do not destroy everything". He regrets being called a liar in Portugal. "I'm not offended outside."

Alexander Soares dos Santos was born on 23.09.1934 in Porto. He studied law but did not complete a course at the University of Lisbon. At 22, he started working in Unilever. At 34, he was already leading Oerinimo Martins – a position his father had previously held. He has repeatedly topped the list of the richest in the country.

He was awarded the Grand Cross of Business Order Order by Marcelo Rebello de Sosa for services "relevant to fostering or strengthening the economic sector".

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