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Beware! Windows Drivers Compromise For Computer Security

Windows depends on many components, from hardware to programs used on it. All are essential and all form part of what is used.

Some of these elements unite everything and are a bridge between the whole structure. Drivers play a unique and crucial role here. The recent discovery destroyed its quality. These are vulnerable and can give access to areas of Windows, jeopardizing the security of any computer.

Windows Drivers Security Computer Hardware Drivers

Computer Hardware Driver Security Failure

The discovery is recent and has brought to the public a reality that no one knew about. Drivers from many manufacturers are vulnerable and can be exploited to gain access to protected Windows areas. It is a serious omission and leaves vulnerable users and their data.

In all there are 40 drivers from 20 manufacturers who have been identified and are vulnerable. This extensive list includes manufacturers of various hardware and even BIOS areas on many computers. This list is expected to be much larger, with some manufacturers still having to publish their updates.

What Eclipse has discovered that these flaws can provide access to protected areas of Windows. As the privilege escalates, it is then possible to execute code and gain access to user data. It is also possible to install malware that is exploited later. Everything seems to be the result of poorly written code and no control.

Windows drivers for computer security

All versions of Windows are exposed to this issue.

This problem is undoubtedly greater than the two factors discovered. First, drivers do not just communicate between the operating system and the hardware. These are also responsible for updating the firmware on many devices and can thus be compromised.

On the other hand, it's a matter of trust. All of these drivers are signed and trusted by Microsoft. This of course gives them a guarantee of quality that actually doesn't exist.

This is a problem that is present in all versions of Windows. The only solution is to find and update your computer's drivers. All concerned labels should soon post fixes for this problem.

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