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BALT – League reviews in Bonfim (Vitria de Sentbal)

Vitria's fan did not miss the opportunity to sharply criticize the League. Seconds from the start of the match, strong words: "Scheme; more euros, less fans; The league is a shame.

By the end of last season, the issue was on the table and the League would ensure that Monday's games will be an exception to those held to protect teams in European competition. But the truth is that Vitria starts the season playing on the first day of the week at 8:15 pm.

There is more reason to complain about Tondela, as he will return to play next week … Monday, this time at home, against Portimonense. In this case, the exception really becomes a habit.

Even so, Tondela had visible and sometimes noisy support in Bonfim from around 150/200 people who made it a point to make their league debut.


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