Monday , June 21 2021

BALL – John Lennon Killer says that he feels "more and more embarrassed" by the act in New York (Music)

Mark David Chapman regretfully regretted that he had taken the life of the former Beatles. But … he was not paid.

This Friday, the record of the latest court hearing was released by Mark David Chapman, the murderer of John Lennon, one of the founders of the famous The Beatles team from Liverpool (England).

The application was again rejected, which was the 10th time Chapman presented his arguments for his dismissal.

At the same interrogation, Chapman again regretted his act, claiming that he now knows "what shame is" and he feels increasingly embarrassed by what he did, "year after year."

However, the arguments were not enough for committee members who decided to grant conditional release to consider leaving the prison of a 63-year-old man.

Mark David Chapman also explained that he thought John Lennon was "amazing" and that he was struggling with doubts on the day he took his life to the former Beatles on December 8, 1980 in New York.

"I remember thinking," You already have a record, he even signed it, you go home, "he said referring to the meeting with John Lennon shortly before the murder." But there was no way I could go home, "he said.

Chapman can ask for a new audience in 2020.

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