Saturday , June 12 2021

BALKANS – "If Bruno de Carvalho asked me to bribe someone?" (Sporting)

Andre Gerades, before team manager of Sporting's professional football, says he has never been involved in any corruption scheme after being arrested last May under the so-called " process casino, of the alleged bribes regarding handball games.

"Six months have passed without compensation, and that may mean something. I am completely calm and people who know me know the value I can add to the clubs." I look forward to the development of the research. do, "he told CMTV.

The first question was quite clear ("Is it corrupt?") And André Gerades replied: "Obviously not. In the small shows that came to the public it is seen that I did not even appear in these should be tapping.

In the same way, he replied when asked: "If Bruno de Carvalho ever asked to bribe someone?"

"The case is in the secret of justice, I will not stifle the investigation, you have to go fully to discover the truth, maybe we'll find another end in the end." "Which end?" "It's something that the prosecution will have to analyze, I'm not an inspector of the judicial police, "he said.

Also linked to the same process, Andre Gerades was still faced with the fact that 60,000 euros were found in cash at his office in Alvaleda. "This money is explained in court, but I have to make it clear that it is not my office, it was used by several people. It was Sporting money and having 60,000 euros in the safe does not have much, just a game and a half."

"If I did everything to avoid the attack on the Academy?"

The attack on the Academy was also solved, but Andrei Gerales pointed out: "I was responsible for managing professional football and I won the team upside down. I did not know if the coach was fired, there were players who wanted to talk to the Directorate … these days I played UN , trying to settle down ".

I do not understand why they are trying to involve me in this. I was at Madeira Airport, like other people. Has this happened in Portugal? Police issued a statement saying it was completely unpredictable … »

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