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Aloe vera pills and camisinha: external contraceptive method contraceptives

Quando os jovens dío início na vida sexual, várias dúvidas surgem na cabeça, é normal. Afinal, is the grand novidade and muita expectativa envolvida. Since there is a precise format that exists in the form of evidence that gravidens the method of contraceptive methods, it is important to have a very sharp camera, which is a form of contraceptive prevention. DSTs (Do Sexual Transmissíveis).

Do you have HIV testing for HIV, AIDS virus, sure? É muito importante falar sobre isso, jáo os os jovens i am focó das campanhas de prevenção do Ministério da Saúde nos tltimos anos. Estima-se que 866 mil pessoas vivem com o HIV no Brasil. Most recently added: 73% (30,659) of casinos in 2017 ocorreram no sexo masculino. Então is just bom reforçar que a camisinha – masculine and feminine – deve ser usada!

Agora voltando ao dos contraceptivos, vale conversar com um medico para escolher a melhor opção para você. All the methods to solve the problem of precise hormone analgesia, casino a casino, to solve the risk of miscarriages in the body. Mas vamos às opções:

Preservativo masculino

Mais conhecido como camisinha, um contraceptivo utilizado no penis, para impedir que o esperma entre no corpo da mulher.

Preservativo feminino

A feminine camouflage, one of the most popular menus, is the vagina that relates to the impediment that the sperm enters without. Algumas mulheres reclamam do desconforto, but we have to lubricate before deixar or uso melhor.

Anticoncepcional pill

This is a method of conceiving. There are no conditions available for this purpose. As well as no composts but different types of hormones that serve to inhibit ovarian cancer and inflammatory disease. The pellets do not have any indication of algumas, such as fumigants or elevated arterial pressure. This type of pills can be used on a patient basis for indications by a gynecologist, ok? Consulte o seu!

Anel vaginal

É um anel bem fin e mole que deve on colocado dentro na vagina e precise ser trocado a cad mese. It has hormones, estrogen and progesterone, which are absorbed into the circulation and released into the ovaries. The method of segueing does not cuidados da pula.

Hormonal IUD (SIU)

The hormonal SIU or DIU is both highly sensitive and flexible, which is highly estrogenic but not especialist. We still have a pills and anesthetic, this method is totally free and the dentist hormone is ether and gravid. The ficar of the dentro body is about 10 inches.

DIU de cobre

Both the SIU and the CUU are only fully equipped and can be operated without any special equipment. A difference is that the ISU is a cobblestone, with metal, and does not have the hormone type. As well as the porcelain gourmet porcelain is the most effective contraceptive method (99.3%) with a ficar size of only 10 or more, all available in red.


It is a method of practicing hormone supplements, which is administered by the ovaries or in a variety of ways, depending on the type of contraceptive. But envolver hormones, function as if it were just a pill.


There are no symptoms associated with estrogenic and progesterone hormones, which are absorbed by the skin and in direct circulation to the body. Os adesivos deve usados ​​por 21 dias, seguido de pausa de set dias. Benefits, efficacy of contraception is usually before the vagina and the penis.


Uma uma had to be pequena inserida sob a pele do mulher da mulher para atuar como contraceptivo. It is invasive and it is a gravida by these anos. Ela contém um typo synthetica do natural feminine hormone – a progesterone – muito semelhante aos presentes nas pílulas anticoncepcionais. Its efficient is 99.95% of the custo varia of R $ 900 a R $ 2 mil. As far as outer methods are concerned, however, we do not have a qualified professional, principally as a practitioner, as a hypertensive, etc.


É um silicone emulsion in the form of a capsule which is a colic dento vagina algumas horas antes do those sexual para evitar a gravidez. É Indications that the spermicides are being emitted before the spermatozoids are chewed and ovulated. Its efficiency is 88%.


Uma uma substância química que mata os spermatozoides. It is encoded in creams, pelicans, spasms, tissues and suppositories, which are included in the pharmacy. No Brasil, a major part of the product is destined to become intravaginal – that is, depending on the brand and format, pode on that app. Before the homens, there are preservatives with espermicida that function as adoional guarantee. Sozinho, with its efficiency rate of 30%.

E os homens?

Did you know that there is a whole range of methods for generating voltages, such as weather? Mas alguns pesquisadores come with a lot of money for homosexuals. Neste ano, no Encontro Annual of the Society of Endocrinology in the United States, or the prescriber of removing the nano-celluloid chamber (or DMAU, not in the UK) – to reduce the testosterone level and the hormone-mediated response to extravasation saudáveis ​​dos homens.

Entretanto, for the most part is no experimenter or avocado, as it is the only site in the Saúde magazine.

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