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A new cycle of dengue stimulation begins in Paraná

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As of this Tuesday, the Secretariat of State
published a weekly case tracking newsletter on
dengue virus, chikungunya and zika in Paraná. The announcement was
for data consolidation between July 2018 and July this year.

Almost 23,000 confirmed cases have been registered in the period
dengue fever, with 23 deaths. There were 29 cases of chikungunya and five cases of Zika virus.
The new season lasts until the last week of July next year.

Newsletter on this first week
new epidemiological period, from 28 July to 10 October
As of August, there were 583 notifications and 43 confirmed cases in 13 cities. At
the most frequent municipalities are Urac, Bandeirantes and Amapor.

Regarding vector control, that identifies it
mosquito transmitters are present in households, the report confirms the spread
and sustaining outbreaks in 329 municipalities considered to be infected.

Marcelo Rickets

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