Friday , January 22 2021

50 users and eleven employees infected in Casa da Caridada in Ponte de Lima

At least 50 users and 11 employees at the Nosa Senhora da Conceiçоo (Casa da Caridada) home in Ponte de Lima have been infected with covid-19. The information was conveyed to O MINHO by the Chairman of the Board, Agostinho Freitas.

After two users tested positive last Friday after going to the emergency hospital, the health authority had all 68 users and 33 employees in the ERPI test, and the results will be known later this Tuesday.

“Out of the 68 users, 50 are infected and seven more tests have yet to arrive,” the president told our newspaper, calling the epidemic a “crazy thing” because they were all asymptomatic, according to the official.

“At this point, space has already been created in our premises to accommodate those who have had a negative test, while those who are positive remain in their premises without contact with the outside,” explains Agostinho Freitas.

The officer does not want to get into a drama, despite the number “scared”. “Everyone is fine, which is strange, because in a few days we get a situation like this and nobody knows where the virus comes from,” he added.

In addition to the users, 33 employees were tested, with a third also positive and unable to contribute to work at home for the next 14 days.

“This situation with the staff is complicated because we do not have enough human resources to deal with daily activities, but tomorrow, at 10:00, we will have an emergency meeting at the Ponte de Lima Chamber of Civil Protection so we can see the best way to “Let’s deal with all this,” the president said.

In addition to the users and employees, the health authority requested tests for the president himself, the vice president, the secretary and the technical director of the home, in order to be in contact with the employees in the last days. All these tests were negative.

Agostino Freitas calls for calm on the part of civil society, as everyone is asymptomatic and without complaints about covidium.

“Without panic, without alarmists, we have a controlled situation regarding the accommodation. “Employees go to a room, use personal protective equipment and when they go to another room, they bring new equipment again.”

“We hope that everything will go out, because 50 users contaminated like that are suddenly very strange,” he concludes.

The municipality of Ponte de Lima increased from 147 to 159 in the covid-19 case register between Friday and Monday.

Twelve more were infected with covid-19 during those three days, representing 51 active cases of the virus in the municipality, according to data collected by O MINHO from the Alto Minho Local Health Unit.

These 63 new cases should enter the accounts only next Friday, when ULSAM will return to disclose the cases in the municipality.

The municipality of Limiano has 106 recovered from the disease.

In total, there were 159 cases of infection since the beginning of the pandemic on Monday.

At the district level, Alto Migno had 478 active cases, 66 deaths and 1,064 recovered this Monday.

The county has accumulated 1,608 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

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