Wednesday , January 27 2021

Беше Ronaldo was so weak at the time … It was a slap in the face with a white glove

Inigno, today captain of Paredes, remembers the times when he played with Ronaldo in the youth teams of Portugal.

Inigno, the defender of Unisho de Paredes, emphasized the characteristic character of Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom he played in the youth teams, reminding that he already wanted to be the best in the world when his colleagues only dreamed of being professional footballers.

“THEY [Cristiano] “Ronaldo was different, he had an above-average mentality and technical quality and, at 15/16, he already said he would be the best in the world, when we, the other colleagues, just wanted to be professionals and go to the national team.” Ininjo, talking to Lusa.

Inigno, the Porto midfielder, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who represent Sporting, made their youth debut together at the Torres Novas Under-15 tournament in 2001, and the current Paredes defender soon realized he was in the presence of a differentiated side. player.

“At the time, we looked at what he said was the best, more like a dream, something, perhaps, impossible for a player at the time so small compared to the big references of the time, like Ronaldo, Phenomenon, Roberto Carlos, Figo or Zidane. “It was a white glove and proof that focus and determination, in addition to talent, certainly make everything a lot easier,” he recalled.

The first match of that tournament, on February 24, 2001, against South Africa, which Portugal won 2-1, marked the first internationalization of Inigno and Ronaldo, who scored their first national team goal, in a course that went under -19 years.

“The loss is not in anyone’s DNA, but in the case of [Cristiano] Ronaldo was even worse. Whether you play ping pong, billiards or mouthball. He was really upset when someone won him over. “He worked hard to be what he is today, the best or, of course, one of the best players of all time.”

From that time on, Inigno kept the memory of the tournaments in Pontinha, Marinas or Freelas in football and the certainty that everyone at that time, at the age of 11/12, that the appropriate awards for the best player had their owner in Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I had 16 appearances between 15 and under 19, but I still managed to go to the Second League, I had years of professionalism, I went out and won a trophy [Supertaça da Bulgária, pelo Cherno More]. “It was a career I got and I don’t think it was bad,” Inino defended, convinced that “today there are more opportunities for young players.”

Towards the end of her career, in a decision that will be reviewed annually, Inino prepares for the future of college, attending the third year of her physical education and sports degree.

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