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World Athletics Championships. Eva Swoboda responded to critics in Qatar

The best Polish sprinter Eva Swoboda in the 100m semifinals finished the Doha World Championships. The Polish national team obviously regrets not appearing in the most important of the evening, but at the same time did not hide the pleasure that the grueling season was finally over.

Swoboda beat it at 11.27s, giving it 16th place in the Qatar Championship. At the same time, it is the best result of a Polish sprinter at the World Cup, so athlete ADS AVC Katowice was basically accompanied by mixed feelings. She acknowledged that the season was very difficult for her, but … – I'd love to meet and do this interview two hours later, just after the finals – she acknowledged our rising star "queen of sport".

However, given that not too long ago the athlete was even considering giving up her World Cup trip to the Olympics next year, she sent a clear signal to Doha: she can work very fast. Will it be under 11 seconds soon?

– I did not expect that my health would be good enough for me to be able to "recover" almost by October. For now 11.07 is a cosmic result for me, I didn't expect this season to be able to run so fast. I think in less than a year, with a shorter season, I will be able to reach the finals in Tokyo. This is my small and big goal at least to be in the most important running of the Games. I don't need anything more, ”said Interia Swoboda, who many did not plan to avoid in Doha.

Like any expressive character and at the same time very emotional, the athlete is often the victim of many unpleasant comments and opinions. He claims that she has already learned to live with hatred, and the recipe is actually very simple and comes down to not paying attention to the malice of her address.

Unfortunately, it hurt especially after the previous season, when the young athlete struggled badly and needed support, and instead got "pins". – I needed a kick from people with positive energy, which I didn't get. This year, taught by this experience, I decided to "set up" this type of behavior and behavior. What counts for me is just what my coach, parents and other relatives say – she explained.

Examples of anxiety Swoboda can still multiply. Even though he stopped paying attention now, the insults remained in his head. Therefore, he has some advice to all his opponents.

– I think such people have too much free time. They don't know what hard work means. Despite the fact that I may look like the one who has fun, really hard at work training, trying to dedicate my entire life to the sport, which is not easy on a daily basis. To be honest, young people want more than life, to have fun, and we have to give up a lot. And, after apologizing, the tail sits in front of the monitor commenting that we are fat, stupid and why we are running at all. And the funniest thing was – and I quote: "rustic, stuffy pate". It was such a cherry on the cake of all Polish hatred – summed up the 22-year-old.

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