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World Athletics Championships – Doha 2019. High jump, finals, results. Camilla Lichinco off the podium

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No one was looking for a medal from her. In September last year, the Livinek family – Mihajic is Camilla's husband and coach – became parents. Chania flew to Qatar with them, she cares for her mother. And this one comes back to great sport, calmly preparing for next season, ie. at the Tokyo Olympics. It is supposed to shine right there.

In Doha, she was tired in qualifying on Friday at 1.94m, giving her the final. She made her third attempt. She did not complain. "It showed me that I could fight," she said. She was to spend the Saturday with her daughter and dedicate her week to concentration.

Aim for the final? Add something to the current season record, i.e. jump higher than 1.95 m. "I have to admit that the top eight would be a huge success for me," she said.

Linvinko yelled at himself

She started the match poorly, breaking her initial height – 1.84. She was screaming at herself, shaking her head. The patch looked impressive, the supply was enormous.

1.89 – no problems. OK – she was shaking fast, she was controlling her nerves fast.

1.93. She had waited a long time for the competitors to start the semifinals of the 200 meters first. A healthy fall, they hit their shoulders. The correction is again in great style.

1.96 – how little was missing. How much damage. Second weak test. Third successful. The Polish was happy. The fight continued, with six players remaining at 1.98.

Linvinko jumped, slipped, she was already on the other side, the next height seemed to be over. Unfortunately, the bar shook and fell. Amendment? The bar shook even harder and stayed on the racks. Now there was no scream, but a squeak. And tears of happiness.

2.00 couldn't beat how much you can surprise and surprise. The joy, however, was great.

Video: Eurosport Linvinko: I felt I could jump up to two meters

Laskinen won. The Russian made eight flawless attempts, the last of 2.04. It still attacked 2.08. No luck. Ukraine's Jaroslav Machucic took second place. Bronze for Cunningham's American Weights.

Source: Adam Warsaw / PAP Excellent jumping on Camila Lininko in the World Cup final

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