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Without Gmitruk, Polish boxing would not have achieved so much success

  • Andrzej Gmitruk died on November 20 in a house in Hippolytov
  • The 67-year-old Gmitruk was one of the biggest coaches in the history of Polish sports. He trains, among others, Andrzej Golota and Tomasz Adamek
  • Gimtruk has been coach for 42 years. Recently, he often worked as a promoter before health problems

When millions of Poles were waiting for the most memorable battles of Andrzej Golota and Tomasz Adamek until late nights, Andrzej Grytruk was followed as instructors in the breaks between the circles. Without it, lately there will not be much of the biggest successes of the Polish boxing.

Gmitruk started working at the Polish Boxing Association as a junior team coach in 1976, when he was only 25 years old. Shortly thereafter, he became coach of Legia Warsaw, who five times led the team championship of Poland. The year of his huge successes was 1983. Ten of his players fought in the finals of the individual championships in Poland, the legitimization of the team's title of the country, because "War" did not lose any match, the monthly Boxing chose the coach of the year , and Gmitruk at 32, he became the youngest coach of the Polish national team in history.

Five years after the nomination for a staff trainer, Gmitruk confirmed that he was a hit. During the Olympic Games in Seoul, Polish boxers won four medals – all bronze. On the podium were Jan Didak, Henrik Petrich, Janusz Zarenkevich and Andrzej Golota.

Photo: Marcin Kondek /

Andrzej Golota and Andrzej Gmitruk

Standing in the corner of the latter, the coach received great recognition. Working with Gmitruk, Gołota has achieved the greatest successes. The coach also led to Tomasz Adamek's great success with whom he started co-operation, when a boxer from Żywiec was a young and little-known player.

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Don King and Andrzej Gmitruk

The press company was also responsible for the achievements of Arthur Špilka, Mateusz Mysternak, Darius Košedovski, Maciej Sulecki and Izu Ugonoh, as well as the development of the boxing in Norway, where he was the coach of the team in the 90s, and then advised the local Olympic Committee.

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Andrzej Gmitruk and Tomasz Adamek

The deceased coach had health problems for many years. Already in 2006 he temporarily resigned from work with Tomasz Adamek, because he had to undergo surgery at heart. Two years ago his wife, who spent more than half a year in the hospital, became seriously ill, which also adversely affected Gmitruk's health. – I got to hospital with atrial fibrillation. The doctor said that if I came a few hours later, I would not be alive anymore – he tells quotes from He was then subjected to two operations and returned to the work of the coach, who finished with another cardiac surgery, after which he gradually began to change his role, more often worked as a promoter than a trainer.

67-year-old Andrzej Gmitruk died on November 20th.

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