Thursday , June 4 2020

There is no trade on Sunday. Lex Chawk again on the wallpaper

Solidarity announces that during this mandate, the Sejm will seek changes to Sunday's trade ban. Syndicalists want to take over Jabki, which operates on Sunday because it has the status of a post office.

– At the moment stores like Jabka use a legal hole, and yet they are not post offices. MPs should be returned to our project records and mail should be completely expelled from the law. We're looking for urgent changes, "says Alfred Bujara, president of the commercial section" S "in the Super Express.

Indeed, many kayak chain stores are open on Sundays as a result of mail status. According to the law, such points can operate without interference despite the ban on Sunday trading.

This is not liked by trade unions, who have repeatedly claimed that this is a dirty game and that the window is used in the regulations. Therefore, they need to be changed.

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The bill has been in the Seym for a year and even has a special name: Lex Kawasaki. Document entries were mainly found in the well-known franchise network.

Now, though, it has to go, which certainly doesn't appeal to Jabka, who points out that the postal activity of the stores is increasing.

"There were over 100 court cases at the request of the National Labor Inspectorate, and no court doubted that the franchisees acted in accordance with the law," Jabka's director of corporate affairs Alfred Kubchak told Super Express.

"Every month, our stores send and receive more than one million parcels, so our postal services are really hard to call obvious," he adds.

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