Monday , August 2 2021

There are no laptops in Poland, the deficit is as much as 100,000. pieces. This is the result of a coronavirus pandemic

As determined by “Rzeczpospolita”, over 100 thousand are missing on the market. notebooks. This is an effect not only on changing the mode of operation in the remote, but also on the supply chains of the global electronics market, broken in the spring. The coronavirus pandemic is to blame for everything.

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Representatives of the IT industry, invited by “RP”, criticize the government voucher for teachers announced by the Minister of Education and Science, Przemislav Charnek. According to experts, 500 PLN intended for the purchase of electronic equipment was introduced too late and for too short a period. Recall, teachers have until next Monday (December 7) to buy the voucher introduced in mid-November.

– Now we need more monitors, keyboards, microphones, cameras. The shares of this type of equipment practically expired two months ago and the demand today is much higher than the supply possibilities. As a result, everything that goes in the store is sold. “It turned out that even document destroyers are useful in home offices,” said Zhegorz Vahovic, RTV Euro AGD’s director of trade, in an interview with the newspaper.

PLN 290 million for electronics

According to RP, there are about five million Poles working remotely. Among them there are teachers, ie. voucher users from the government. It is estimated that approximately 290 million PLN should be spent on vouchers alone. In addition, only until December 7.

– On the supply side, it is difficult to meet these needs in such a short time. Especially now, at the end of the year, there is more interest in equipment due to the holidays. Almost everything is missing in the IT segment. In the case of low-class products, the deficit is huge – said Zhegorz Vahovich. The expert also added that a jump of 30-40% in this industry can not be adjusted in the cycle order to production.

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According to the representatives of the IT industry, the unsatisfied demand in the computer market will stop the wave of sales growth in the coming months.

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