Wednesday , July 28 2021

“The Voice of Poland”. Edita Gorniak thinks deeply: “Does this rooster crow in the morning because it wakes up chickens for sex?”

Last Saturday, viewers of the TV channel Couple w & nbspkońcu watched the last episode of the 11th edition of the program The voice of Poland. There is no denying that due to the limitations associated with the coronavirus pandemic, this release was unique and often surprising. However, when it comes to the winner of the music show, this time there was no big surprise. According to the predictions of Internet users, the 11th edition The voice of Poland won Christian Ohman на & nbspsubscribe Mihaj Shpak.

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There were other “interesting” moments in the last episode. In & nbspzasadzie from the very beginning he delighted the viewers (and others) with his thoughts Edita Gornjakwho visited the home of her department.

When, amazed by the climate of the mountain, Edzija sat down with his family Ani Gazieniki-Birjan for a brief conversation, she admitted that she recently lived in Podhale and & nbspall she’s missing is the “miniature rooster” running around her hut. And then Edita decided to ask her department and her loved ones directly about the real reason for the rooster crowing early, wondering or, incidentally, it’s the way a rooster wakes up houses … for sex.

Ms. Editka, are you planning a farm? Because everyone has something here – & nbsp asked the participant’s mother.


I’m thinking about & nbspkurkach. Miniature chickens – & nbspwyznała Edit.

We also have chandeliers and & nbspkogut that crows.

And tell me, does a cock hook in the morning because it wakes up chickens for sex? – & nbsp, asked the curious Eddie then.

But the question, Edita … – & nbs answered Anija’s slightly embarrassed mother.


Do you think that Edita has already learned the truth about sleeping on a rooster?


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