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The Polish way to Tokyo has become narrow. Jacek Nawrocki: We will not discuss, only fight

The Polish volleyball team was missing a point in the FIVB ranking to be among the teams fighting for the Tokyo Games in the Intercontinental tournament. Jacek Nawrocki and his team remain the best to play in 2019.

Michał Kaczmarczyk

Michał Kaczmarczyk

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If the Polish women's team advanced to the world championship last year or even reached the last round of the CEV elimination and scored a few more points, it would rank higher in the last FIVB ranking and compete in the intercontinental tournament for promotion to the Tokyo games. But it did not happen, and White-Red were in the 26th position, the point behind Kuba, the last team to qualify for the next year's Olympic eliminations. Jacek Nawrocki was not the happiest person in the world when we asked him about the freshest FIVB ranking.

– The criteria adopted by the FIVB in the selection of tournaments counted for the new ranking, boiled down to the position of the teams that appeared on the last volleyball world cup. Maybe with the exception of Belgium, who did not play in this tournament, but scored points in the last edition of the World Grand Prix. We won, sometimes very clearly, with many representations that are higher in the ranking than us, but unfortunately, the system adopted by the federation does not allow us to the first qualification – grinned the manager of our volleyball team.

Thus, the lack of promotion for the last Japanese world championship reflected our representation with hiccups. Participation in the World Cup has helped even the average cameramen of Cameroon, Canada, Kenya and Mexico who will perform in intercontinental competitions. – I have told you a long time ago that when we fought for participation in the World Cup, we were a completely different representation than even at the end of the same season. Then, immediately after the league, our team did not play well enough to win the promotion – admitted Nawrocki.

Polish women thanks to their position in the ranking of the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) can find themselves in the continental qualifying, scheduled for January 2020, but there is almost impossible mission waiting there. Many fans believed that in the first round of Olympic qualifications a lot of teams from Europe will be promoted and this will simplify the task of our volleyball players, but we can already say that this will not happen. Group B (China, Turkey, Germany, the Czech Republic) will probably be promoted to runner-up in the world, and in the F group (Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Kenya), two strong teams from the Old Continent will definitely not be promoted. In other words, European qualifications will be extremely demanding, and only the winner will be recommended to Tokyo.

– With this form of qualifications we can not discuss, you can only fight. In the European tournament, we will certainly play with teams that are listed above. If we take into account the strength of Europe, which currently has five very strong representations – namely Serbia, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands and Russia – then each of these teams immediately becomes the favorite of the continental tournament if it does not qualify for the games in the first attempt – said the former Bełchat's trainer Skry.

Is Jacek Nawrocki still a quiet optimist after all? That we did not know, the coach of women's staff does not care for what is not dependent on him. – At the moment I am thinking more about the upcoming season. Our goals are clear: the best selection and the best possible game. We go our own way, which turned out to be good and effective. We are doing everything that this national team has joined the European and world leaders as soon as possible, but it is not a matter of one match or season, but the whole process. Next year we have the League of Nations and the European Championships, which are our final destination. They are a goal in themselves, in the end we are playing a part of the tournament at home, which is why we count on the best performance. In fact, the qualification forms for the games are quite vague about us and at the moment we do not know how many teams will participate in them – said the trainer. According to preliminary findings, the CEV Olympic qualifications format is to be the same as four years ago in Berlin and Ankara.

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