Monday , June 14 2021

The KNF and the KNF Office operate uninterrupted and uninterrupted

. "In connection with numerous questions addressed by the media, the Office of the PFSA informs that the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority operating it operate continuously and without interruption, fulfilling its statutory tasks" – we read the testimony.

"The Polish banking sector is stable, reliable, payable, profitable and liquid. The KNF Office is currently monitoring the risk in the banking system as a whole and its individual entities and, if necessary, takes appropriate preventive and pro-development measures" – adds a office.

The KNF also reminded that funds deposited both in banks and in co-operative savings and credit unions are covered by guarantees of the Bank Guarantee Fund up to the amount of EUR 100,000.

Yesterday, the chairman of the KNF, Marek Chrzanowski, resigned from his duties in connection with the accusations made by investor Leszek Czarnecki.

"Idea Bank regulates its obligations towards customers"

"As regards the inclusion in the list of public warnings from the PFSA of an entry relating to Idea Bank, the KNF Office reminds that the basis for entering Idea Bank SA into the PFSA's public security alerts are the arrangements regarding the activities performed by the bank in the years 2016-2018 with regard to activity on the capital market without the appropriate permission of the PFSA, which refers to the process of offering financial instruments – in the period from at least August 2016 to October 2017 and investment consulting – in at least from September 2016 to March 2018. This means that the suspicion of a breach by the bank of a criminal law norm resulting from Article 178 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments is outside of banking activity, and in particular The bank activity of Idea Bank SA is not subject to notice to the law enforcement agencies and remains subject to standard To the current supervision of the KNF, Idea Bank SA regulates its obligations towards clients and fulfills statutory duties towards the supervisory body, "the statement also wrote.

The inclusion in the List of public warnings of the KNF of an entry regarding Idea Bank SA is the result of the KNF's fulfillment of the obligation arising from art. 6b par. 1 of the Act on supervision of the financial market. Pursuant to the content of this provision, the PFSA is obliged to announce publicly the information about the notification of suspicion of committing a crime specified, among others, in art 178 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments, also explained to the Office.

Idea Bank submitted extensive explanations

The KNF included in the list of public alerts of the KNF an entry concerning Idea Bank. The Bank explained that the basis for entering Idea Bank into the PFSA's public security alerts are allegations of suspicion that Idea Bank will carry out activities related to the process from August 2016 to March 2018 distribution of GetBack bonds without the appropriate permission of the KNF.

Idea Bank, on November 7, 2018, sent extensive reservations and explanations to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority related to the KNF's allegations. The bank emphasized that it has not received today the confirmation of the KNF's receipt of this bank's position and does not know to what extent its explanations have been taken into account.


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