Friday , June 18 2021

The head of CAS has signed a trade union agreement to raise salaries for 655 gross installments gross since 2019.

Today the agreement was concluded by Deputy Finance Minister Marian Banash and 10 trade union organizations.

"The head of #KAS M.Banaś signed a contract with the Social Party. The direct assumption is to undertake joint activities to improve the conditions for work and services in CAS. The agreement, inter alia, envisages an increase in wages and salaries from 01.01.2019 with monthly amount of 655 gross sex "- we read on KAS Twitter.

At the end of October, Finance Minister Tereza Cervinska said that the Ministry of Finance would like to apply to the Council of Ministers to adopt a program for modernization of the National Tax Administration; the expected costs in 2020-2022 are 1.9 billion PLN; in 2019, the program will be financed from its own resources.

– We will turn to the Council of Ministers for approval of the KAS modernization program, we want the Council of Ministers to adopt a resolution on such modernization. Modernization will take place in two dimensions – soft, investing in people, we need to increase the salaries of the employees in KAS. (…) The second element of this program is a physical element, usually investment, purchase and modernization of equipment, equipment necessary for carrying out tasks of KAS – said Cervinsky.

– In the modernization program, which will be announced for 2019-2022, we assume that we will spend 660 million PLN for salary increases. The total value in the years 2020-2022 is 1.9 billion, and because we want to start as early as 2019, we would like to start with our own resources, that is, from what we have. I want to make some budget transfers so I can invest as early as next year – she added.

The National Tax Administration was established as a result of the consolidation of the customs service, tax administration and fiscal control. It is a specialized state administration that performs tasks such as the volume of tax revenues, customs duties, fees and non-tax budget claims.

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