Sunday , April 11 2021

Tarzasksky banned sovereignty March organized, among others from the Confederation – Warsaw

Warsaw City Hall issued a ban on organizing the sovereignty of March planned for May 1.

The information was first given by the Polsat News station, saying it was confirmed by two sources.

Soon afterwards, these reports were confirmed by Camille Dabrowa, a spokeswoman for the city hall in Warsaw. "Warsaw City Hall today decided to refuse collection and march planned for May 1. The reason is the occupation of the area by the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland in order to prepare the central festivities on May 3," he wrote on Twitter .

"The reason for the ban is the earlier acquisition of the area by the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland with a letter dated January 14, 2019. to issue a permit for occupying the square of the castle in order to prepare and conduct central celebrations on the National Day on May 3 with participation of the President of the Republic of Poland. It is planned to build stands and platforms, heavy equipment and construction machinery for this construction, and the organizer of the state ceremonies was granted permission from the Public Space Board to use the area "- emphasize city ​​hall in the issued statement. "In the opinion of the City Hall, the work on the" Castle "Square using heavy equipment and the fact that its area is currently used partly by gastronomic gardens, it is not possible to have a square in the square declared for 10,000 participants," – said in a statement.

The City Hall added that "the change in the place of the assembly proposed by the Security and Crisis Management Authority was not accepted by the organizer".

– Of course, we go to court and we will not surrender. Request a special mobilization of this day in Warsaw! – Robert Vinnicky, president of the National Movement, wrote in response to the decision.

The march was supposed to be organized on the 15th anniversary of Poland's accession to the European Union. According to the Confederation, or a coalition involving the National Movement and the party Janusz Korvin-Mikke, the EU in its current form does not bring any benefits to Poland. Robert Vinnicky announced that it would be "a great march against the appropriation of the sovereignty and independence of the Polish state by Brussels commissioners, political sovereignty, cultural sovereignty and economic sovereignty."

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