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Stefano Terazino will leave Poland. I want to open a tourist and art center

Stefano Terazino has been engaged in dance for years. He went to his first lesson at age 16 and began training for dancing in a dancing hall. It was thanks to the dance that he visited our country. In 2004 he moved to Poland for Eva Sabatin, who was his first dancing partner. One of their successes was the sixth place in the German championship. In 2006, Stefano made his debut at "Taniec z Gwiazdami", where he took on the role of coach.

However, he does not focus solely on dancing. It also works on other levels, mainly artistic. He is also a singer, actor and TV presenter. He also appeared in the third season of the program "Your face sounds familiar," and also wrote two plays. Recently, however, we have mainly heard about him in the context of the current edition of "Dance with the Stars", where he performed with Aneška Radwanska. Their adventure in the show is over.

Stefano Terrazino wants to return to Sicily

Now, when there is more time, he can undertake new projects. Terrazzino does not hide that he plans to start his own business for several years. However, it would probably involve the abandonment of Poland. – I was thinking about creating a tourist and artistic center in Sicily for a long time. So, where I have roots. I bought 4 hectares, with a big house that once belonged to the local aristocracy. The area is beautiful, I have even my mountain, and from the top you can see the sea, 12 km away. Lush vegetation, flowers, lots of fruit around – he said in an interview with Inter.

The dancer wants to include his friends in the project. How would his center look like? Terrazzino has many attractions in mind. – I want to create a paradise with my friends for those who want to relax, and at the same time participate in dancing, singing and acting workshops, learning Italian, cooking other interesting things. As a son of emigrants, I intend to return to the land of ancestors and invite people from all over the world. I hope that the place I will create will become a haven for lovers of art, joy, peace and will be the work of my life – added Teracino.

The work on such a project will definitely take a long time. Will Stefano leave Poland forever? Or maybe he plans to run this project remotely?

Radwańska wants to teach Stefano the basics of tennis!

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