Monday , June 21 2021

Siege? Ubisoft decided to withdraw it

I do not know a person whose censorship of many elements of "Rainbow Six": Siege liked. But maybe that's because … I do not know any "decision-making" person from the Chinese government. "Beneath them" was made changesfor a popular shooter to appear on the Chinese market. However, the cries of the players were sufficient. The headline will return to the country before updating.

The return will last long, and unfortunately – this can affect the delay at the start of the next season of the game. The only question is, what about the version of the game meant for China. In the end, the changes were made for some reason and it is hard for me to believe that the Chinese authorities suddenly soften. I would not be surprised if the siege enjoyed popularity there, and even boldly I guess Ubisoft can run on a special gaming client, designed exclusively for this market.

Redirecting the changes will be part of the upcoming Wind Bastion update, which will include new operators and a map. A pioneer in this respect has always been Blizzard – as we recall, the Irwin Giant got rid of the Auction House, the main source of income for Diablo 3, all because of the negative influence of fans. The company was also not afraid to make profound changes in the skills of individual characters in Overwatch – even if it did not earn too much on the game.

Three years after the release of the game, yet all the headers associated with it are still evoked. And no wonder – it's still and probably will be a great title for a long time. This year's Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII is doing very well, which is great news, especially since the creators set a hundred percent.

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