Sunday , April 11 2021

Scientists have destroyed the asteroid Rugu much more than they expected

Earlier this month, scientists from JAXA made an "attack" on the asteroid. The Hayabusa2 investigation opened a rocket to the space rock called Rugu. Specialists from the Japanese agency found that the shelling of asteroids would be a good preparation for a possible threat on their side of the Earth.

Researchers can now confirm the success of the test and at the same time create the first artificial asteroid crater. It was done using a device called SCI. On April 5, SCI fired a small missile on the surface of Ryugu, a spherical asteroid designated as an object near Earth. Hayabusa2 then moved away from the asteroid to avoid being hit by explosive debris.

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The purpose of SCI was to create a crater with a diameter of about 2-3 meters. But after careful consideration of the hole, it is clearly visible that the impact carved a crater about 10 times greater. The researchers would expect such a result in a sandy area, but the area selected for the test was rocky and hard. For this reason, they expected less damage.

Although the mission was to show how asteroids could be destroyed in the event that any of them were heading to Earth, there was another purpose. It is about obtaining information related to the origin of the universe. This is due to the fact that Ryugu should contain materials and water from about 4.6 billion years ago.

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