Thursday , October 21 2021

Samsung's "medium shelf" with a new fingerprint scanner


A Korean manufacturer may decide to introduce another technological novelty to its mid-range smartphones. After triple (and quadruple) cameras, the time has come for a fingerprint reader embedded in the screen.

Already next year, Samsung Galaxy S10 will receive an ultrasonic fingerprint reader that will be implemented directly under its display. Sources from Taiwan have reported that a similar situation can also be expected from the Korean manufacturer's middle-price equipment.

A few weeks ago, DJ Koh confirmed that Koreans will be a kind of experimental field, and the smartphones themselves will also have functions known only from flagship equipment.

Unfortunately, there is a problem: mid-range Samsung devices would use an optical fingerprint reader under the screen – this technology is slightly slower and less accurate than the ultrasonic scanner. This, however, could be expected.

At the moment it is not known which smartphone will receive the fingerprint reader under the display first. You will probably have to wait for this information until the beginning of next year.

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