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Retirement age is changing again: 6/12/2020. Retirement pension before the age of 60 – what will be the minimum pension?

It is time for the presidential bill to go to the Sejm. What are the chances of that? The premise of the presidential project is simple: you have worked for 35 years, you have worked for 40 years – you retire whenever you want, regardless of age. It is important that you have been subject to an obligation for so many years – or that you have voluntarily paid your pension contribution to ZUS. The last contribution is received, reached 35 or 40 years of service, you can apply for a pension. If this regulation enters into force before March 1, 2021, the minimum pension will probably be PLN 1,560.

We are still waiting for the president to transform his promise into a bill that will go to the Sejm and be passed quickly. As time went on and there was no draft, a ready-made social draft of the pension law was prepared and sent to the president along with a petition on the issue. Everyone is waiting for President Andrzej Duda to submit it as his project to the Sejm.

Switching to the so-called an internship pension would be a privilege, which would be voluntary. As the amount of the old-age pension still depends on the accumulated capital, everyone who wants to have a higher pension should look not only at their age, but also at the capital accumulated from contributions, on the basis of which the LPC will calculate the amount of their monthly pension. Each additional month of work, not to mention years, is a larger pension – not only because the employee’s pension account will receive additional contributions, but also because when calculating the amount of the pension, ZUS will divide the accumulated money by a smaller number of months from the hypothetical age of a man or woman derived from the current mortality tables.

The government has just been restructured. The amended composition of the Council of Ministers will work, among other things, on next year’s budget, and one of the important issues for ordinary people and depending on the shape of the budget are pension regulations, including the final liquidation of open-end pension funds, indexation of pensions and , of course, other possible changes in the pension system and others it may be the introduction of an institution for work-related pensions.

This solution is now seen as a complement to the current pension system. At present, as is well known, in order to retire – except, for example, uniform services – you must be at least 60 years old for a woman, 65 for a man.

Currently, in the case of early stage workers, the length of service is closer to fifty years than it is only forty years.

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The founder is President Andrzej Duda, who is supported by the Solidarity union, but adding his own position – the capital accumulated in the pensioner’s account must allow the payment of a pension of at least 120 percent. the lowest pension currently in force.

Minimum length of service pension: 120 percent of the minimum pension

This is due to the fear that the money collected from the pension contributions of people who retire before the age of 60 will be small and, as a consequence, the pension will be in denars.
The low pensions from ZUS are the main reason why solutions are still being sought that will constitute a new pension law and will improve the financial situation, especially of the people who receive the lowest pensions. Meanwhile, the state of public finances does not allow for an increase in pension subsidies from the state budget. KOVID questions the payment of the already promised and enrolled in almost thirteenth and fourteenth pensions – the law, but it is not known whether next year there will be enough money in the budget to finance such social programs and their suspension is increasingly being considered.

Pensions in 2021: very unknown

In addition, it is not the only unknown – the work for the liquidation of open pension funds is not yet complete, the money from which, according to the law originally adopted by the Sejm, should have been transferred to private individual pension accounts in June this year.

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It is known what will be the indexation of pensions from March 2021 – a rate of 3.84 percent. it is included in the draft budget act presented by the government. If it were not for inflation at the level of 3-4 percent. would look good, but in practice many key prices in the retiree’s portfolio, e.g. energy, garbage collection and other housing-related fees, not to mention drugs – they grow much higher than inflation and planned indexation rates.

It is also not known whether money can be found to increase the minimum pensions above the indexation index, as has been the case in recent years. Currently, the minimum pension is PLN 1,200. Mr.If, as promised, it was possible to raise another 100 PLN from March 1, it would be 1,300 PLN.

Pension pensions in 2021 – at least 1,560 PLN

Going back to the new seniority pension project, if they were applied today, the minimum pension for a woman who worked for 35 years would now be PLN 1,440, as well as for a man who worked for 40 years, regardless of their age.

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On the other hand, if the minimum pension is increased to PLN 1,300 from March 1, 2021, the minimum pension benefits will be PLN 1,560 (after fulfilling the requirement of 35 years of service for women and 40 years for men).

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