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Regiment wins at the top of McLaren! Dramatic Peak Attack

For Gorkowska, it was the most complicated experience in her adventure at high altitude. – 18 hours of blows. No extra oxygen. I was very tired. In the fourth camp, I appeared only after 28 hours – announced the former sprinter.

among others Through her fan page, "Magdalena Gorkowska – the Summit of Your Opportunities" describes the dramatic details of the highest attack on Makalu. This started on May 12. – We left C2 to C3. Hard road, in the snow. After seven and a half hours, I applied in a delicious form. A total of about 7300 m. The remaining three people appeared in the camp after 20 years. Late until the end of the evening – she described Gorckovska.

A day later, C3 Polka started at 19.20. – They all came forward. Remaining myself. As the only one who does not use additional oxygen. I made my own, many rest, but very short. The weather was favorable. It does not bother – she said.

On May 14, Polka was on the top of the ridge. About eleven o'clock after the crash, she heard that without oxygen she would not be able to do so, that it was too late and soon the time would fall apart. – I knew it was not true. I knew the weather forecast, she writes.

Two hours later it was getting harder and harder. – Every three meters I lay in exhaustion. You did not give me peace. They were more and more disturbing: "How long have my time in such a hypoxia been limited?", "Did I count my life?"

Eventually she reached the top. They waved flags. – I did what I had to do and in my head there was only one thought: "Get away from him!" However, it was not so easy. I was still over 8 400. The descent was an archmos. I tried as much as I could. I just dreamed of one thing: just to leave the ridge. Later it was not better. "French lobby" I was very tough. Rocks and ice, very steep. I always sat down. Sherpa waited patiently. At that time I did not realize how far my way was before me. The third camp was very far away. A few hours from us, and I already did not have the strength.

And she added: – A few steps and I sat down. Sherpa has enough. Each step has caused pain. And this is the worst idea that our tent is still so far away.

Ten o'clock was coming. – I was very tired. I did not have to go to C3. We were looking for a tent C4. There was one. We were welcomed by two Taiwanese friends. We divided two sleeping bags of five people – reported Gorkowska.

May 16. From day to night, Gorkykovska went down to the base. It was a race against weather and weather conditions that were harder and faster every hour. On Friday morning, she left for Lucca in the eastern part of Nepal, where there will be only a few days to regenerate. Later, he will be transported to the Everest Base Camp, and from there, he will head to the Lotus Summit.

– Euphoria? Rado? Relief? Pride? What did I feel at the top? The only thing I felt was the feeling of playing with my own life and a feeling of endangerment. The only problem is the icing on the fingers. Before the attack at the next summit, I have to consult a doctor. Then I will decide what to do next, but I firmly believe in myself and that I will complete this project with success – she concluded.

Security is my priority

The 27-year-old athlete departed from Prague to Kathmandu on April 7. Three days later he left for Tumming. This is the base for the war under the Macala base. For about six weeks she was acclimatized by approaching the mountain, building camps and walking to the base. Partner for climbing Navang Sherpa is her climbing partner.

– So far, all high-altitude projects have been successful. I'm getting ready for everyone thoroughly. I care about every detail, I'm planning what exactly. Security is my priority. I choose classical roads in the summer season, I have the best equipment, insurance, and also a helicopter rescue operation. I am very ready for the trip, "explained Gorkowska.

Inspiration Jerzy Kukuchka

Three years ago, her sports world was completely different. Together with Justina ± wieĘty, Małgorzata Hołub and Evelyn ± Patak, she enjoyed the silver medal at the World Indoor Championships in Portland. She dreamed of starting the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but at the decisive start she did not qualify. In 2012, London was a reserve in the 4×400 relay. – It was the moment when the world ran broke down. I parted with the coach, I did not have too much training. It was not financial financially. I needed a new goal. I chose the mountains. And it was one of the best decisions in my life – recalls Gorkowska. – I've been passionate about climbing for a long time. It can be said that Jurek Kukuchka inspired me. I read the books about him with a strangled breath, I watched the film.

Dramatic moments of Mount Everest

After completing her race career, she began to climb to the highest peaks on Earth. He is already on his own account Mont Blanc, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest. Last year it entered the world's highest world. Thus, she became the youngest Paul and the first Olympian in history to achieve this achievement. Climbing the roof of the world costs a lot of health and nerves. – I was assigned to Sherpa, who proved to be a complete beginner. He openly admitted that there was no idea to climb to such heights. He had no idea how to bind shrimp. So far I've lost myself, if it was him or I met him at the top. After I got her, I was so excited that I lost a lot of time. At the top I spent almost an hour. Definitely too long, "she said.

The biggest problems started during the peak. There were several dramatic moments. First, with the sheriff, she lost her way and went to the camp on the wrong side. She described: – If this was not enough, we began to have no ropes and oxygen, and my companion got a snowy blindness. After some miracle, we arrived at the fourth camp. It did not take us 24 hours. The next day we continued with the origin, but physically I finished it. It became colder and colder.

During the descent into the second camp there was a serious accident. Falling stone hit your foot. – I could not move. It looked very bad. I sent Sherpa to help me. He returned after three hours, but found no one. It was already dark. Together with us, we started to build something that reminded the sanniosis by means of mattresses. I began to care seriously, but suddenly people suddenly appeared and helped organize rescue operations. Otherwise, I do not know how it will end up – recalls.

"Climbing is my whole life"

Despite the extremely dangerous moments during the conquest of Mount Everest, the sprinter planned to develop the Himalayan passion. "Hunger for the next challenges has increased and I do not want to leave," she said in early April, before embarking on another unusual trip.

At present, Gorckovska is trying to acquire two children: Makalu (8,481 m above sea level) and Lhotse (8516 m above sea level). She will be the first woman to do so in such a short time. – What to do when the desire to set new limits and the strength of dreams are so huge that they take out your dreams and most of all you think in your head? I have it. Marathon is my whole life. I do not want to stop running. I do not see another option than to follow my heart and carry out these plans one at a time – she admits.

"I have lost the budget, I need support"

Gor'kovska collects money for the purpose she actually does, namely "Two children in two weeks". An icy warrior can be supported on the portal (LINK).

Until now (Friday night – ed.) Collected over 11 thousand. PLN. The collection sum is 16997. However, it is a decline in the ocean of needs. The cost of the entire expedition is about 120,000. PLN. "Why is 16997 zloty my goal? 8481 + 8516 =?", Wrote on its website.

– For many months a day during the day, I did everything in my power to get financial support. Hundreds of emails, conversations, meetings, requests sent. Unfortunately, the whole amount could not be collected. I received tremendous support from InPost, my title sponsor. I pay a lot of the amount of my own pocket. I also support several smaller companies, "explained Gorkowska.-Unfortunately, my budget is already exhausted. I have outlined everything I had and even more about the expedition.After the expedition I have to pay the agency over 3.5 thousand dollars, yes pay a satellite phone, stay in Kathmandu and return to Poland. I ask you for support. It is my last hope in you – she appealed.

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