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Rafal Zavierucha recalls his Hollywood adventure with Voyadogki: "Margo wrote his number in my own hands"

Rafal Zavierucha recalled Vojoqki with his Hollywood adventure:

Guests of the penultimate season of the program this season Cuba Wojewódzki visitors Paul "Do not ask" Domagala and Rafał Zawierucha, fresh from Hollywood.

She called for a studio visit from the performance of her most famous song, promoting the album 1984.
So refer to your song, What do you have, Paul, for fifty years? – pointed out the lecturer, referring to the fragment "When fifty years, fifty years will strike me with anger and stupidity."

I have nothing for you, because After a long time you … – replied the actor. I have no problem with that. After a CD, little has changed I'm still ride the subway, nobody catches me. Maybe if something changes I will copy the next entry that I am wrong, because I have a femme and a video. When we recorded "Do not ask" and sent it to the radio stations, we got answers that we will not find an audience. This song was written when I learned that Zucker is pregnant. You are not sitting in the case, but that's so you will find out that you will have a child when a woman tells you. And so I sat and I think about it I really have everything. Fidelity is very important to me, but I do not know what will happen to me in twenty or thirty years. But … no. However after the concerts I return home because we have a small child.

She insisted she now has a great time in her life, because in spite of that the second time he was a father and recorded a CD they publish, sometimes and often often, all Polish broadcasters, he also played a major role in romantic comedy The heart is not a servant.

Do you now have recitation consolation? – asked the Provincial. I think acting.
Music gave me freedomI noticed that I did not have to take everything – explained Domagała. I dropped most things, I waited for something I could really check it out. I am I reject the Hollywood proposal. Of course, while Daniel Craig does not apologize to Tomas Cot, I do not play in Hollywood! They also need to clarify this issue with #MeeToo until it happens I guarantee that in the next 10 years I will not play in Hollywood. You need to be consistent! But I'm looking forward to Rafał, because I do not play in Hollywood, but I'm curious as it is.

Rafał Zawierucha could not say much about the job at all Quentin Tarantino to the film Once for a while in Hollywoodin which he played the youth Roman Polanskibecause the contract obligates it to discretion. It's no secret, however, that Tarantino, as always, has collected a set of stars on the set, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Brad Pitt and Margo Robbiewho played the young man Sharon Tate, Polanski's wife was killed by the sect Charles Manson. Zawieruchy's entrance into the studio was accompanied by a song from Pulp Fiction.

A very nice welcome Raphael was pleased. I did not know what would happen to me, but I thought I would come and check. Your brother, my sister, welcomes you a lot Dad does not welcome you. I do not know how it started, they called my agent. For a long time I dreamed of playing Hollywood. You can call that insolence, I call it following your dreams. When I was a child, my aunt came from America and said: Oh, you have the most car. She brought us wooden pencils … What I had to play was stiff, I was shocked, how can they decide on such a recording. First I saw Margo Robbie and I said, "Hi, I'm your new husband," and for a moment someone touched my shoulder and said: "Hi, Raphael, welcome to the Tarantino family"it was Quentin and I completely disappeared. They heard about Poland, about our film picture, were very happy …

… that he arrived – added Domagała

There is a story that I do not tell anyone – recognized Zavierucha. I went to meet Margo before one of the scenes and Margo offered to meet outside the planand I say: Call me, because I have no phone with me, and she she took my hand and wrote my number on my hand …

Unfortunately, the fulfilled "American dream" Zawieruchy lost the indomitable urge of self-promotion Wojewódzki, who he just started reading his autobiography and talking about a lost chance to play with Jim Carrey.

I talked to you about Leonardo DiCaprio He wrenched it out. He said: Cuba Wojewódzki? I do not know …

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