Saturday , September 18 2021

Potential penalties for the deficiency of the UK in 2019. UFG effectively hunts for uninsured persons

The Guarantee Insurance Fund has a very effective tool that will detect more than 50,000 uninsured drivers. Penalties due to lack of OC can be daunting.

Last year, UFG discovered nearly 100,000 non-binding third-party liability insurance. In the first months of this year, another 50,000 vehicles were discovered. Many drivers do not realize that discovering the lack of OC is very simple.

UFG compares two accessed databases – central registration of vehicles and drivers and received from insurers on grounds of signed third party liability insurance contracts. Drivers who registered vehicles, but do not appear in the second database, can expect fires.

And penalties for lack of liability insurance can be very high. Most often those who lose most – the following year, the 14-day postponement of the signing of the UK agreement will mean 750 PLN for a motorcyclist, 4,200 for a passenger rider.

The slightly better situation will be those whose delay will last less than two weeks. If the period does not exceed 3 days, the penalty will be 150 z for a motor and 900 z for a passenger vehicle. A delay of 4 to 14 days will mean fines of 380 and 2250, respectively.

In 2017 we had to provide uninsured drivers and unidentified accident victims with over 170 million zlotys.

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