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PGE Ekstraliga: Personal decisions in "Take the Torun" on Wednesday. For now, there are no heads to fly

Get fans Toruń is eager for blood after four defeats of the team and the words of the player of Norbert Coscius. Meanwhile, the authors of key clubs say: calmly, our response will be on Wednesday, and we are essentially preparing for Motor.

Darius Ostafinski

Darius Ostafinski

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For a ride on Get a good Torun players in a away match against Bettar Sparta Wroclaw (36:54) was the damage that should be looked at. Changes after the first round Norbert Kosciuc and the journalist nSport + told him that he needs a person who will overcome him because he is missing now. Slonovski talked about the lack of communication in the team, obviously he struck manager Jacek Frchack.

Currently, the manager does not want to comment on this situation. Instead, he talks about that Adam Cruzsky, chairman of the supervisory board of the speedway company. – Relax. No staff decisions yet. Deeper analysis and conversation are needed. On Wednesday, cool, ie no longer achieving emotions after a match, we can say more. Basically, we are focusing on preparing for the next meeting with Speed ​​Car Motorem – comments Krużyński.

By Wednesday, fans will ask themselves who will get their paws behind the match with Betdad Sparta, and basically this for the whole. In our opinion, he will hit Košusku, who, not for the first time, without wrapping the bush, said what he thinks about the situation in the club. In Wroclaw, he changed after a start, although he returned it back to Jakub Jarmoga.

As for the team manager, in Get Well, it was long been possible to hear that Frątczak will not get into motorcycles and there are so many problems that it is difficult to solve. Supporters who blame the club that it is a mistake to leave Chris Holder or Rune Holt receive the answer that in November 2018 there was a different vision for the team, but nothing came of it. Artusza Łaguta, or Janusz Kołodziej, finally did not accept the offer, other options also dropped, so in Torun they had to focus on maintaining what was. It was not possible only with Pavel Przepeleski, because as we were listening, he was to ask for a guarantee for a start, and did not get it, he did not want to give it.

Of course, the tone of the fan reviews is that, above all, the manager's head should fly, because there is no atmosphere in the team. Also, there are no voices that Frątczak lacks in terms of players, that they laugh at him in the corners. Only that the manager is in the machine park almost uninterrupted in the company of Krużyński, who not noticed that such a problem was on the line Frątczak – Żużlowcy. For now, the problem is only to be frustrated by the deposit of Koščus from the depot.

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Another thing is that something with this lack of unity in Get Well is at the top of things. After all, it is not normal that the owner Pzemslav Terminski comments on the match with Sparta on Facebook and calls his players to add them (read about it HERE). And he hired them, paid them. He also bears the responsibility for the team's results in this form because he has built it.

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