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Parliamentary elections 2019. How to vote in elections? How do you check the polling station?

In line with President Andrzej Duda's decision, we will elect 460 lawmakers and 100 senators on Sunday, October 13. The previous parliamentary elections were held on October 25, 2015. Similarly four years ago, we would elect our representatives to the Sejm in multi-mandate constituencies (41 were established in the country), while in the case of a Senate election, only one candidate would win a seat in each of the 100 constituencies. units.

What should be remembered during the voting process in the upcoming parliamentary elections?

Parliamentary elections 2019. How to check where to vote? Election Commission Locations in the Landscapes

Although the elections in the two houses of parliament differ in the number of constituencies, we will vote for candidates for the Seim and Senate at the same polling station.

Information on the location of the election commissions in the constituency can be found on the National Electoral Commission website. After logging into, enter the tab "Sejm and Senate Elections 2019 – Information Service" and then select the "Car Search" tab from the top.

Then we mark the war we are interested in, then the call and the municipality (or city), thanks to which we will be redirected to the list of locations of the respective election commissions along with the streets that set the boundaries assigned to the premises. You will also find information about facilities for disabled people in the house. We can also search the street of interests in the "filter" window.

Parliamentary elections 2019. How to fill in the ballot paper? How did you choose the right vote?

After submitting an ID card and signing the voter list, the voter will receive two ballots – one will be used to vote in the Senate and the other to vote in the Senate.

For elections to The Sejm you can only vote for one candidate list (the lists will be marked with consecutive numbers). To do this, place the "X" on the ballot box (at least two intersecting lines within the box) in the box to the left, next to the candidate name chosen by us from the list. If a voter votes for two names from a list, the candidate shall be given a higher vote on the list.

Voting will be considered invalid if we vote for candidates whose names appear on more than one list. The invalidity of the voting is also confirmed if the voter puts a mark, except for two crossed lines in the ballot box or gives an "empty" card (no vote for any candidate). It is worth remembering that the voting cards should bear the stamp of the electoral commission in the area.

The election to The Senate we can choose only one name from the candidates who are applying for a place in a given field (we do this by placing an "X" in the box to the left). Voting will be considered invalid if the mark appears with multiple candidates, and also if the voter placed a different mark on the two intersecting lines or returned an "empty" card.

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