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No one wanted to write scripts for sex scenes in The Witcher 3

Eurogamer recently conducted an interesting interview with Jakub Samasek, one of the employees of CD Project Red Studio and chief scriptwriter The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In the conversation, the creator revealed what they really looked like work on sex scenes in the adventures of the famous Reverend Geralt. One day a producer came to the screenwriter room and announced: "We Need 12 Sex Interviews – Who Wants to Write Them?"Absolutely no one came forward. After all, Samasek wrote them all and admits it was an extremely unpleasant situation. Not just for him – for everyone involved. I have to admit it sounds quite interesting.

I remember exactly that I had to write them all myself – it was a very awkward process for everyone involved. A couple of screenwriters had to look at my texts, and then the animators had to plan how to do it, and finally the motion-capture actors had to shoot it, which was already awkward.

The creator also noted that despite the large amount of nudity in the The Witcher 3, sex scenes are not just about showing her – even such interviews are meant to make us a little more aware of the characters themselves. Players (well, at least the vast majority) are meant to play games, not just to watch sex scenes. An ideal example is the famous unicorn, to which Geralt adored Jennifer – then the creators added a bit of humor, showing the two most important characters from a completely different page, adding something original, important and at the same time humorous to an incredible story.

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