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Marlene from "Farmer Seeks Wife" confessed to one farmer!

At Severin's farm with "Roller Seeking Woman" much has happened again. The participants and the farmer ended up playing a seemingly easy game, namely questions and answers. But the longer he played, the more honest the answers. In today's episode, the farmer has admitted that he has been a favorite of the program from the beginning! She is 22-year-old Marlena, who is still fighting for Severin's heart with Asia and Diana. What happened in episode 6 of program 6? Look!


The farmer seeks wife Severin and his candidate

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At the beginning of the game, Severin answered a question about his favorite. Do you like it more than girls?

– From the beginning I had somewhere not a favorite but Marlena. We met and sparkled, that's what the farmer admitted.

In turn, Diana had to answer the question of how to win the farmer's heart. She acknowledged that she should be helpful and kind, but in her opinion Marlena would have better answered the question. The 22-year-old girl who realizes she is a favorite has admitted that she does not know if they have other girls. In return, the farmer added that he had excellent contact with Diana, but when he was alone with the camera he decided to make a bold confession.

What I'm going to darken is that everybody has an equal chance – Severin said.


The farmer seeks wife Severin and his candidate

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At one point in the game, the atmosphere became very unpleasant. Marlena said she agrees with Suyerin's words that the person who loses something while on the farm is … Asia!

I don't know … (I feel – neat.) Humiliated what can I say? Marlena consciously told me I was wasting time and he suggested. No, I wouldn't do that, I wouldn't say it that way, I would just like to be silent, because she knew where she was, that I would be better than these last days if I was still. "


Sewer Date and Asia

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After this confession, the farmer asked Asia what he would do about it. He admitted that if the participant wanted to leave, she would not stop her by force. Joanna did not decide to leave the farm immediately. She went on a date with Seweryn, which was taking place in the picturesque water. The farmer was asked why there was no chemistry between them. He admitted he simply didn't spark between them.

– I have no regrets for you, because of this I got close to the girls, I know what they are, it was a good time. I go back home with my family for a little vacation and look for work in Poland – said Asia.

– What more can you say here? Severin asked.

– Overall, everything is explained.

– What are we doing? I don't know … Will we meet?

– We're done.

Joanna packs a date and leaves the farm. Severin took Diana and Marlena to the field, where the girls worked on potatoes.


The farmer seeks wife Severin and his candidate

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There was also a tense atmosphere at work. The farmer indicated that Marlenski may soon be in the field. Diana wondered if she should leave the farm.

Diana and Marlene are left, still not thinking. Contact with Diana has deepened somewhere, and both have many advantages … – explained Swern.

Despite the unpleasant atmosphere, Marlene and Saverine had a few minutes to talk on their own. The participant admitted that she cares very much about the farmer. She would like Seweryn to choose her.

"I think this is a phase of love in my opinion," Marlena said.

Look what happened on other farms. Jakub also bid farewell to one of the candidates, while Adrian explained to Ilona. Which girl stole Sauk's heart? Be sure to see!

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