Saturday , June 12 2021 News from Lublin and the region. Lublin, Lubelskie, Lubelszczyzna

The snowfall zone shifting from the east is already over the region. On some roads of the Lublin province it turned white.

Snow falls in several poviats of the region. We have information about the rainfall near Parczew, Międzyrzec Podlaski and Biała Podlaska. Drivers moving around the region's roads, including national 2 and 19, must take into account the deteriorating driving conditions.

At present, some sections of national, provincial and local roads are under a thin layer of snow.

Snowfall from hour to hour will move deeper into the region. The precipitation zone rises from the north-east towards the south-west. Within a few hours of snow, you should also expect to be in Lublin.

(photo TE, sent by Łukasz – thank you!)

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