Monday , September 20 2021

Legia Warsaw – Lechia Gdansk 2-0. Cezav Mihnievich: Kapustka has a hole near the floor

I had the opportunity to see the situation in repetition. It looked very ugly. Bartek has ice on his part. “He made a hole in the immediate vicinity of the tibia,” Legia coach Cesav Mihniewicz said of Tomas Makovski’s brutal foul on Bartosz Kapustka at the end of the Legia-Lechia match.

Kapustka did not finish the match due to a foul. Makovski was initially shown a yellow card, but after a while the referee Paves Gil changed his decision and showed the red card to the player for the connection of Lechia. A moment later, the players of Gdansk lost the second goal. They lost 0-2.

Mihniewicz is deeply concerned about the health of his prominent footballer. He described what happened to the former Polish official after the meeting. – I talked to Bartek. He got hit in a very nervous area. It’s holding ice for now, there’s nothing else we can do. Will will undergo detailed research. I hope it’s nothing serious, because Bartek was growing every day. His form was on the rise. It made our playing easier. “I really count on this player to be able to play in the next match,” said the Legia coach.

The 50-year-old coach has not lost a league match since starting to work for Legia in September. His team deservedly won with Lechia, although Tomas Pehart scored the first goal after one hour of play.

– As was the case recently, we started very well. We created some good opportunities to take the lead. There was no efficiency. We have to work on that. Later the game became even. Lechia started to handle the ball better. For some time there was no situation – Mihnievich assessed the duel.

– During the break we said to ourselves that we must go back to how we presented ourselves in the first minutes, that is our game. The idea was to keep the ball in the game as long as possible, to build and create activities through specific sectors on the field, which we previously selected, knowing how Lechia defends. Lechia is a very well organized team. It is very difficult to play against. It leaves little space. However, we were consistent – he added.

– I am glad that we did not concede a goal, because it was recently said, with which I did not completely agree, that Legia has a hole in the defense – noted the coach of the leader of Extraclass.

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