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Katarina Sircunichka finally revealed the truth! It's about surgery

After Kasija Hrzinechka (48) lost more than 10kg, she became loud again. She only gave an interview in which she sincerely admitted that she was considering plastic surgery. Did you know?

The Katharine Circus never belonged to the thinnest stars, though in the past she could boast a flawless figure. Unfortunately, after the birth of their baby, the pounds have systematically increased.

In the end, the star decided to say goodbye to fat for once and set a goal – to lose weight in three months. The celebrity did not hide that her main motivation was the desire to prove she could return to her figure fifty years ago. As you can see, it succeeded.

Now Skruknicka gave an interview discussing her diet, and also referred to modern fashion for over-enhancing beauty. The actress admitted she had never made any facial plastic surgery, nor was she tempted by botox or other "gentle" beauty enhancement procedures.

The celebrity has been critical of her colleagues, comparing their looks to inflated dolls.

"I remember, I used to go through an empire before and I had three prestigious Polish magazines on the front page. On the cover of each of them a well-known star. One was about fifty, the other forty, the third was 30 years old. All – I guess they used the same clinic for surgery and aesthetic medicine – they looked identical. Like clones. (…) I saw three identical dolls in different hairstyles. I found that I didn't want to hang silicone lips, narrow noses and identically cut cheeks on this display case "- admitted Skrzyk in the interview at the "Viva"

Cassia regrets that today's beautiful women, by nature, are beginning to be possessed of "perfect body and beauty." For the actress all her life, naturalness was the most important thing.

The star, of course, is aware of the fact that in a few years the hardness of the face will decrease, so it does not exclude delicate aesthetic treatments.

"Let the crease on the cheek be a little smooth, not a bloated mutant," says the star.

What do you think of Skruknicka's approach?

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