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Juventus – Ajax. Live transmission Eurosport on TVN24

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Playing behind the defenders of Juventus. Norris, however, is on the offside.

Nurses broke the right side nicely. Ajax players have plenty of room on the wings.

Szczesny went badly on the ball, he tried to throw the ball, struck Tadic's hand and tried to block it.

Ziyech shoots, the ball lies under the feet of Van de Bick. The Dutchman, on his own, defeated Szczesny. Did he sometimes burn out? The judge seems to check the situation.

Ronaldo grew up – this time he tried on the right side of the pitch.

The goal is correct – De Ligt pushed his teammate with a different team.

The judge will check the situation.

And goal! Juventus leads! Who? Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bernardes made a good kick with the ball after he gave De Sciglio and corners.

Ajax becomes more secure, especially on the right side of Veltman.

And in Barcelona already 2: 0 for the hosts. Messi again! This time goalkeeper David De Gea made a fatal mistake.

Onana beautifully defends Dybali from a distance.

The best situation for Amsterdam! Tadic to Nerez in a strike. Van de Beac deceptive.

And in Turin, Ajax is limited to a counterattack, however, Juve's players have completed their homework, went straight to them.

Meanwhile, in Camp Nou Barcelona took the lead in the goal, and like, Leo Messi. The red devils now need two hits for promotion.

Nice now trick Cristiano Ronaldo. Interestingly, in the first game similar to his club friend, Douglas – today on the stands.

In place of Mazraui, Syngrevan appears on the ground.

And yet, it will be the end of Morocco.

De Ligt now stopped at Mtuidi.

Mazraoui's hryvnia per ball is fighting with Dybala. Ajax fans can be scared. We will see if he will return to the game.

He can attack Onana when he throws the ball, he was a happy goalkeeper of Ajax.

De Sciglio sends the ball into the opponent's net. The hosts demanded a penalty for Bernardeshi's alleged foul, but none of this. We play next.

Already Cristiano Ronaldo got a hit in the fight for the ball.

Both teams are already in the field, and also the Champions League anthem is behind us too. At one point the first whistle.

And now at the Alliance's stadium, no doubt, is one of the coolest club hymns.

We are guilty of initiating eleven of the two teams.

In the second game of the second game on Tuesday, Barcelona will defend a one-goal advantage from Old Trafford in Manchester Nou v Man United.

By the end, it was not known if Ajax's second line-up leader, Frankie de Jong, would be able to play. In the end, he was in the composition. Who is different from him?

Ajax athletes proved this in the 1/8 final when, despite the home defeat of 1: 2, they eliminated Real Madrid's defender, winning the 4-1 return.

Juventus is still the favorite, the more the result of Amsterdam. But if we play a good game, we can defeat everyone.

Dutch Art Fighter Eric Ten Hague

After a 1: 1 draw in Amsterdam, the relationship between Ajax and Juventus seems to be most stuck in all quarter-finals of the current Champions League.

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