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Johnny Depp has a new ally in the fight against Amber Heard. "I saw her closely, there were no SINIACES"

Johnny Depp has a new ally in the fight against Amber Heard.

More and more Hollywood signals indicate that the story of the turbulent end of the relationship Johnny Depp and Amber Hurd it may look slightly different than in the version presented by the actress. Recall that the former wife of a star accuses him of harassment, heavy beatings and excessive use of incentives. Depp, whose career hung with a thread, remained silent for a long time, but as he came out, he was gathering evidence-according to him-the lies of the Amber:

The singer's testimony will throw Amber Hurd? "Her sister pretended to hit her with a fist.

Johnny has dozens of monitoring shots, testimonies and strong evidence of his innocence, has a chance clean up the charges. For Amber, this means that the final fall of her career, which she built, in any case, of the relationship with the actor.

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Daylight showed more deposition in favor of Depp. These words fall from the lips Samantha Macmillan. stylist Amber Hurdwho testifies:

On December 16, 2015, I spent most of the day with Amber Heard, preparing her for a performance with James Corden. That day I could watch her carefully, in a good light, without makeup. I can say with certainty that I have not seen any signs of beating, wounds, bruises or pieces on my face or on the rest of her body – we read.

After performing the program, she came to me and said: "Will you believe that I simply performed a TV program with two black eyes?" In the meantime, she had no black eyes. Later I learned that he had accused Johnny Depp of beating – adds Macmillen.

It is worth noting that the stylist is not an anonymous person. Dressed, among others Bre Larson, Eley Fanning and Chris Hemsworth.

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