Saturday , September 18 2021

In a text message, Beata Kempa explains that Radio Maria was not present at the birthday party

The director of Radio Merija Tadeusz Ridzik celebrated the 29th anniversary of the founding of the radio station in the Sanctuary of the Most Holy Mother of God, the Star of New Evangelization and St. John Paul II. Many politicians appeared in it. In addition to the aforementioned Minister of Justice, Torus was visited by, among others, Mikozaj Pavlak, spokesman for children’s rights, and Mariusz Bjascak, Minister of National Defense. On this occasion, and taking advantage of the fact that there are government representatives in the church, Ridzik decided to talk about the difficult financial situation of the Radio Maria community.

MEP Beta Kempa was also invited to the ceremony, but she did not come to Torus. She wrote about the reasons for her absence in a text message to Rijik, which he read. A fact is written about the case.

The rest of the text after the video.

“Father Director, I arrived late in the evening from Brussels and had to go directly to my daughter, in Wroclaw, she is in a very serious situation, she is pregnant and now we are taking care of little Mikozaj. Our child is waiting for a diagnosis, I will not be able to leave her” – wrote Kempa.

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