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How to spend Valentine's Day as one?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Soon, the shop will be filled with gifts for lovers and decorations with red hearts. Some of the upcoming Valentine's Day bring a romantic mood, but others will disappear from the face of the day most of the day. The pressure to celebrate the Day of Lovers is so great many people who do not meet with anyone that day fall into real chandra.

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Are all singles condemned to grief and cry on a pillow night? The answer is: at all! A very interesting approach to the celebration of Valentine's Day as a single was shared by an American editor who often deals with love and relationships in his articles. Every year, Valentine's Day awaits, although he is not alone with anyone at the moment. What is her recipe for enjoying Valentine's Day, even if you are alone?

"I was the only one who was more than an in love than I could have counted. For some reason, my relationships have always fallen apart during the year." While my friends were constantly talking about their boys and all the sweet surprises they planned for them, I ate ice cream and I watched a romantic comedy after another, but over time, my approach has changed. I want to celebrate Valentine's Day as a single!

When I was younger, I felt sorry for myself. I came home from university, and the first thing I saw was a giant teddy bear and a bouquet of red roses in our apartment – all of it from my boyfriend's boyfriend. I was angry around the world. I thought Valentine's Day was the worst day of the year. This is a commercialized festival with no authenticity, and I will not participate in it. but secretly with all my strength I dreamed of having someone in my life, thanks to whom I feel loved and appreciated. One year something changed. I worked in a clothing store at that time and my attention was captured with a unique pair of styles. They were blue, with a soft suede, and I was really obsessed with them. I literally heard them call my name. Sometimes I measured them. Unfortunately, I knew that I had no opportunity to buy. They cost a lot, and I would probably put them only a few times in my life.

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Finally came February and decided to take matters into their own hands. I knew that I could not stand another week of Valentine's Day, so I went to the store. I had the perfect reason to buy my dreams – it's worth it. I had enough to wait for someone to appear in my life, thanks to whom I would feel respected. It is said that he can not really love someone else unless he loves himself first. The purchase of these shoes was my love affair for myself. I told myself: I love you, you're great, you're buying those high heels ". I felt like a real queen. Then I bought my favorite ice cream, I went home and I went under a blanket with a good book. It was a day of real luxury for me. For the first time I wanted to spend my time with myself – for this I did not need any "special person". Interestingly, when my friends called me later to tell Valentine's Day to my loved ones, I did not feel jealous at all. For some, this evening it was strange, because they still do not know what they are in their relationship, others wrote that this holiday is overvalued. I, however, played great.

To this day, I assume my blue heels when I want to feel comfort and self-confidence. This is my favorite piece of clothing and thanks to them I feel strong, independent and great. From the day of Valentine's Day, every February 14, I declare to behave in a special way – an exclusive dinner, a new outfit, an escape to the theater. This year I plan to prepare a good Italian meal and I can buy a nice sweater for which I am attentive.

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My Valentine's Day philosophy is: the most important person you are celebrating, you are alone. Regardless of whether you are single, you will meet someone or you are in a serious relationship, first and foremost to be a valentine for yourself. You are good enough and worthy of love. If you do not give it, you will not be able to love the others. Waiting for someone, thanks to whom you feel worthy of love often ends up in disappointment. There is only one person in your life that will be with you forever – you alone. In my opinion, this is the most important relationship that one should take care of. If you love yourself, you start to infect others. So, get out of the house and buy those high heels! "

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