Tuesday , September 21 2021

Godlewskie sisters will teach in their music school. "Stay of the stage star :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Godlewskie kujows iron packs of heat. They have just been blasted about their performance of the Polish national anthem on the occasion of Independence Day, and they already present ideas for a new business. This time the controversial sisters will decide to open a music school. Celebrities who fall asleep lack of vocal skills, evoke an avalanche of overly commentary comments.

Each of the Godlewski sisters arouses a lot of emotions – especially the negative ones. For Esmeralda and Magorzata, build your career on dubious vocal skills and a voluptuous image. Nevertheless, the celebrities have received their own programs on 4FunTV TV, have had the chance to release a few songs and an opportunity to promote at industry events. Ladies, take advantage of the opportunity, continually arousing controversy. Recently Magorzata and Esmeralda Godlewskie caused a scandal in the version of Mazurek Dbrowski. The case turned out to be so outrageous that people from mediw decided to send a letter to the prosecutor's office. Now, celebrity celebrities openly … their music school.

Another improbability

The scandal caused by outrageous not only Internet users, but also people from the show business recording a Polish anthem spyn Godlewskie after a duck. Only Esmeralda decided to attack personally Agnieszk Hyy, who had in critical essays refer to Instagram for celebrations. Now, the famous sisters use the rebounds and announce what many people may find unlikely. Godlewskie decides to open his own music school.

The Sistr Godlewski School of Music is a new project of Magorzata and Esmeralda Godlewski. Celebrities will boast of another unbelievable success last Friday. Immediately announced that the placement in which it will teach, will start its activity in the next year, at the same time informing that reservation of places is obligatory. This means that only those who do not register will attend the Godlewski school. All ideas are brought to the fore: "Stars of the stage remain."

Merciless comments

It is hardly surprising that the ideas of Godlewski's sisters will be met with harsh criticism and ominous comments. At the end of Esmeralda and Magorzata, I fall asleep lack of vocal skills. Internet users tumble ironically that this is a place where they have to train. Others, without any questions, asked what Godlewskie wanted to teach, if he could not sing. One can not refuse them – they caused a great stir, because the posting of the new project was commented over 1.8 thousand times.

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