Saturday , June 12 2021

Fuel prices. Gasoline cheaper, worse information for diesel owners

In the coming days, gasoline refueling may count on discounts, but for diesel owners there is no good news – analysts from the fuel market predict.

According to e-petrol analysts, Brent oil prices dropped sharply in the past week, mainly due to the oversupply vision that could change the face of the market again in the coming months. This also affected the price lists of Polish refineries.

"Unfortunately, the drivers do not have any special reasons to be happy because the declines did not reach the retail market. Recent changes were only minimal and did not reflect the trend on the wholesale market," emphasized e-petrol experts.

The BM Reflex analysis added that "the current situation on the retail market is less beneficial for drivers than station owners." The level of fuel prices allows them to make up losses generated at stations in October, all the more that the price fluctuations are cosmetic in comparison to changes on the wholesale market ".

Fuel prices in Poland

"This week, the first clearer downward movement of prices has appeared on some of the stations, although on average in the country we pay less than a week for only 1-2 groszy per liter, which is the price of unleaded petrol 95 this week. below PLN 5 / liter, more precisely around PLN 4.79-4.85 / l, and diesel oil below PLN 5.10 / l. All indications are that reductions should be continued on a larger scale than before. On average, prices have dropped to 10 cents per liter, "Reflex said.

For the retail market, analysts from BM Reflex predict that "in the coming days clear gasoline prices will count on significant price reductions." Significant downward changes in the LPG market mean that this fuel will also be clearly cheaper in subsequent retail price quotations. for drivers of cars with a diesel engine ".

The price ranges forecast for particular types of fuels for the next week are as follows: 4.94-5.05 PLN / liter for 95 octane gasoline, 5.21-5.32 PLN / liter Diesel and 2.47-2.54 PLN / l for autogas – stated in the message.

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