Sunday , October 24 2021

France has Ryanair's plane. Reason for subsidies


For an unusual event, arrive on Thursday at the airport in Bordeaux. French scale will take Ryanair plane with 149 passengers on board. The Pasaers, instead of planning to fly to London, had to leave the plane. The reason for this is the fact that Ryanair is recovering from France's payment of EUR 525 thousand, which the local government is fighting for in the decade of struggle for illegal subsidies.

We say that the state had to take such steps, which inevitably led to the inconvenience of 149 passengers. Everyone reached their destination on the deck of another Ryanair machine with a maximum of five hours of lightning

– quotes a representative of the French Civil Aviation Authority "The Guardian".

French officials officially stated that their state "was forced" to take such steps. However, as claimed, the legitimate dishes of France were ignored by Ryanair.

Everything by the decision of the European Commission

All the confusion comes from the decision of the European Commission in 2014, which decides that one million euro subsidies from regional funds, which in 2008-2009 Ryanair accepted that the years from Angoulême to London (Angoulême is about 130 km north-east of Bordeaux) there was illegal public help. Ryanair was ordered to pay the money, but before the action taken by the French scales, the Irish carrier will only pay the amount.

After the plane was taken over, the bill had to be settled. The plane has already been returned to the owner.

The carrier does not comment on the matter.

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