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END OF THE WORLD 2019. Apophis asteroid is a deadly threat. If he does not hit him, he will pass Earth with hair! [12.03.2019]

The end of the world in 2019. Apophis is a deadly threat [12.03.2019]

Not only Russian scientists are afraid to be affected. The NASA report immediately after the discovery of the asteroid (in 2004) determined the threat of "1 to 300", and after further research, the threat increased (1 to 233, 1 to 62, 1 to 45, and currently only 1 to 37 (or 2, 7 percent chance of hitting). Such a threat is the fourth step in the so-called "Turin Scale", which determines the threat of a space disaster.

The fourth degree is on the one hand a chance for collision more than 1%, on the other – recommended reporting to the public and relevant state authorities, if the meeting with the object will be held within a decade.


Based on your knowledge and observation, how do you assess the Earth's threat from outer space?

The end of the world 2019, 2020? This can happen at any time

According to the latest information from scientists from the University of St. Petersburg, they made calculations related to the probability of collision with the asteroid in the next hundreds of years. Their calculations show that such an opportunity varies from one to one million. This value should not be treated as a constant. In the universe, there are still many undiscovered objects that can endanger our planet.

NASA has designated 35 thousand reward dollars for a person who will create an algorithm that will predict the trajectories of astronomers moving in space and thus save Earth from possible destruction.

Russian experts conducted a study of the already discovered celestial bodies for which they used the simulations for orbits prepared by the supercomputer. The model of the digital solar system used here was able to evaluate it, taking into account changes in the asteroid orbit, that the collision with Earth should not take place in the next several hundred years.

The end of the world. Apophis will hit the Earth? [12.03.2019]

As it turns out, based on the calculations made, currently the most the object that endangers the Earth is the Apophis (also known as: 2004 MN4). This is planetoid belonging to the Athens group – Asteroids whose solar cycle is shorter than one year and have an orbital plane slightly inclined on the plane of the orbit of the Earth.

Apophis was discovered on June 19, 2004 by Roy Tucker, David Tolen and Fabrizio Bernardi as part of a NASA-funded NASA-funded research program at the University of Hawaii at the National Peak Observatory in Arizona.

The image shows the movement of the asteroid Apophis:

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The end of the world in 2029? Apophis will be right![12.03.2019]

According to the latest data planotoid Apophis the closest to Earth will be found in Friday, April 13, 2029. It will then pass the earth about 38 thousand. km. Interestingly, it is to be the first such large object in the famous history that will pass the Earth at such a short distance. If the asteroid did not hit the Earth in 2029, it would probably happen in 2068. Scientists believe that this asteroid of this size passes our planet at a similar distance on average once every 1500 years.

Asteroid Apophis seen from Earth

The object, thanks to its brightness, will be seen from our planet. According to the latest NASA research report, Apophis should be visible to the naked eye in Africa, West Asia and Europe.

End of the world and effects from the impact of Apophis with the Earth

if Apophis asteroid reaching Earth, the energy released by the impact would be equal to 510 mpg of TNT. By comparison, the largest explosion caused by the thermonuclear bomb (Khrushchev bomb), which was lowered to the New Earth in 1961, amounts to 57 megawatts. In return, the Bat dropped to Hiroshima freed from 0.013 megatons.

There are many ideas for preventing the disaster – from detonating the surface of the asteroid with nuclear accusations and breaking down smaller fragments, firing a laser, landing a spaceship until the engines join it, which will reduce it from the collision with the Earth.

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Such calculations as those carried out by specialists from Russia should be carried out periodically. This is to help in the possible detection of a threat.

Both terrestrial telescopes and those in orbit have a lot of work to do. Not yet detected so far asteroids. Imagine that for today we know about 5,000 bodies whose diameter exceeds 100 meters. Of course, there are many more spaces. Only in the asteroid belt located between orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter can circulate almost one million celestial bodies.

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