Monday , September 20 2021

Director of P¦ and four jumpers infected with coronavirus. They will not participate in the competition!

Daniel Huber, Thomas Lackner, Manuel Fetner and Ian Horl tested positive for KOVID-19, the International Ski Federation (FIS) announced on Twitter. “The whole Austrian team will not start today, including Marcus Schiffner and Maximilian Steiner, who both scored negatively,” the FIS added.

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What can Polish jumpers do? “Stoch is motivated and very well prepared”

Multiple cases of coronavirus in jumps

Sandro Pertil is also infected. – FIS field staff was re-tested and all tests were tested negative. The FIS Competition Working Group has determined that today’s match will take place as planned – published in the next issue.

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This means that the second ski jumping competition will be held in Nizhny Tagil scheduled for the 16th. The qualifiers for the match are in progress, which can be followed in the report.

Great honor to Manuel Neuer!  The German equalized the achievement of Cassi Casas and Buffon!Great honor to Manuel Neuer! The German equalized the achievement of Cassi Casas and Buffon!

Paves Vosek, Jakub Wolni, Aleksandar Zniscos, Masiej Kot, Stefan Hula and Tomasz Pilc – Michal Dolezal selected these six Poles as Nizhny Tagic for two matches at the World Cup. At home, they rest and prepare for the World Ski Championships (December 10-13), incl. Kamil Stoch and David Kubacki. Among the reserves, the best on Saturday in Russia was Znishchol, who was sixth.

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