Saturday , April 17 2021

Crisis over Prince William and Kate Middleton. Does a divorce go?

JThe results of the recent rumors of the British color press, the marriage of Prince William and Princess Kate hung in balance. The media talk about the planned divorce of the Prince's Couple.

The magazine, The Globe, published an article this week that the Duchess and the prince of Cambridge are currently discussing their divorce. The reason for the breakup is likely to be the rumors of an alleged relationship with Prince William with a friend of his wife, Rose Hunbury. After learning about her husband's betrayal, Middleton reportedly ordered Hunbury to be removed from London society.

"Prince William and his jealous wife, Kate, are talking about divorce with their lawyers, their marriage breaks up with scandalous reports about the affair of the prince," the British tabloid writes. According to Middleton magazine, she feels humiliated. She did not expect William to find her under her nose. It is said that Prince and Duchess reports are currently involved in questions about their property and child care.

The International Business Times, meanwhile, says William and Kate are not in danger. The couple are not planning a divorce, and the prince's lawyers have already taken appropriate measures to silence the scandal. Although the nephew of Queen Elizabeth II assures that the rumors of his treachery are untrue, the whole situation had little effect on his relationship with Middleton. Their relationship could actually have gone through the crisis. Steam now depends on getting rid of unpleasant rumors.

Prince Charles, William's father, has rumored for romance for several years now. Then it turned out to be true – the son of a monarchy surrendered his wife Diana Spencer with his longtime friend Kamila Parker Bowles. Earlier, the press also speculated that the Queen's husband, Prince Philip, had an affair at the start of their marriage to many women.

source: "International Business Times"

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