Monday , January 18 2021

Coronavirus. Covid Law. Doctors There are more doctors

The so-called The “act of cowardice” is in fact a whole package of laws aimed at improving health activities during the coronavirus epidemic. So far, the most objections have been the provisions “for the good Samaritan”, ie. paragraph exempt from criminal liability of physicians who make a medical error saving the life of a patient suffering from KOVID-19

However, this is not the only change. The new regulations will also aim to reduce the requirements that doctors have had to meet so far – to supplement staff and not create unnecessary barriers for medics who would like to work with coronavirus patients.

Reducing requirements does not mean that everyone can meet them. A doctor who has qualifications obtained outside the European Union will simply not have to confirm the diploma, but will still need three years of experience in specialization, the opinion of a national consultant and a diploma in Polish.

Staff shortages will also be supplemented by medical students prepared for such an endeavor. On Tuesday night, the Sejm passed a Senate amendment that says all employees delegated to fight the KOVID-19 epidemic (not just doctors) will be paid a 100 percent allowance. salary.

In return, the Sejm rejected another Senate amendment – to create a special fund for coronavirus tests. 231 MPs voted in favor of the rejection.

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