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Companies have the last day to send a PIT. The Treasury is fighting against time

The idea of ​​the Ministry of Finance is that tax officials will settle PIT for employees if the first does not do so. In this way, the problem of tax disagreement will disappear, not just to overcome the budget holes of those who try to avoid paying taxes. Above all, it is a huge relief for settlers or people who find it hard to fill in the tax declaration.

The last day of January is the last day for employers to send a VAT-11 employee declaration. This is a very important date from the Ministry of Finance's point of view, which requires these statements to be able to implement its innovative program. Payers must only send information electronically.

– At present, nearly 15.5 million PIT-11 have been received. There are about 6.2 million declarations missing (compared to PDP-11 delivered last year) – this is the Ministry of Finance data sent to "Redemption" on Monday night.

Without such data, the Ministry of Finance program can be turned into a floppy. And the point is that the tax return should be prepared by fiscal officers for us. For this purpose, "Your e-PIT" should be implemented. The declaration prepared and already completed by the state treasury (PIT-37 and PIT-38) will wait for the tax portal podat.gov.pl from February 15 to April 30.

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As informs "Rzeczpopolita", success or its shortage depends on two things. First, entrepreneurs will do this before January 31st? Small businesses have the biggest problems. – You must have a computer, fill out the forms, download UPR, etc. Or hire an accountant. Even if it is an additional business activity, with a small turnover and, for example, one associate of the contractual order – complains one of the owners of a small company. However, the increased responsibilities of small businesses are here the price that the Ministry of Finance is willing to pay for the success of the project.

At the beginning of December as much as 48 percent. small companies – surveyed at the request of an e-file company by the RES research agency – assumed they would not succeed on time. Medium and large companies, for which the obligation for electronic shipment is not new, also had problems. Not ready for this operation was found for 36 percent. respondents from small companies (9-49 employees) and 18%. medium-sized companies (50-249 employees). Moreover, even a third of entrepreneurs older than 50 years during the study did not know the new regulations.

It is already possible to assume that some companies will not be able to send PDP-11 in time. They will be better in the coming days.

The second job on the way to the success of the Ministry of Finance is the "Your e-PIT" system. Will it last? The system should be the answer to a complete fiasco of the project to resolve the taxpayer by the Ministry of Finance at his request two years ago. The service was supposed to be a revolution, the filling of the PIT should take two to three minutes, but nothing like that. Filling in the application proved to be too complicated.

"Your e-PIT" aims to be more friendly and better built from the point of view of the taxpayer. However, will the system and the updated tax portal create in a few months? It will just come out.

– The service must start on time. The deadline for providing taxpayers with tax returns PDD-37 and PDD-38, which is on February 15, 2019, is a term guaranteed by law – the Ministry says. The National Tax Administration (CAS) assumes responsibility for the correctness of tax returns prepared by itself.

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ChristinaThis will be a "success" for a small ZUS … what is it for whom? just to hit the damage …

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HelloWell, the idea is that it's damn. … I'm working in an accounting office, instead of going with my child on holidays, I did PIETI

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