Wednesday , October 27 2021

CB|P wanted to give 1000 zlotys rewards to the policemen. No shortages


The situation in the police is becoming disastrous. Official police data on L4 layoffs say about a dozen or so percent, but TVN 24 reports that as many as 30,000 police officers could go on sick leave. This means that every third policeman is protesting – according to data on the police website, around 100,000 people are employed in the whole country. officers.

PLN 1000 for the service on November 11

The matter is so difficult that, as reported by some media, the chief commander Jaros³aw Szymczyk proposed a thousand zloty bonus for each policeman who will be on duty on November 11. In turn, in yesterday's letter of the commander to the officers, he appealed to "not let the bandits start ruling the streets".

The head of the NSZZ Police officers Rafa³ Jankowski criticizes this way of awarding. – This is the hole in the hole. It is said in the police ranks that the commandant is buying people for service – he said yesterday. The union, quoted in the "Events" by Polsat News, adds: – Information from police officers is such that such judas silverware, so they allocate them for a noble purpose.

An award for the 100th anniversary. No shortages

Meanwhile, the media leaked a letter from the Department for Combating Terror Files of CBPP addressed to the head of the Personnel and Training Department. It is the answer to the request for "selecting one policeman to award a prize in the amount of PLN 1,000 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence."

It turns out that there is not one policeman from the department in CBPP who is willing to receive such a gratification.

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"None of the selected officers of the Department for Combating Terror Files of CBŚP is interested in such a form of distinction." Due to the above, the awarded amount was not disposed of, "reads in writing.

Brudziñski will meet with the policemen

When will the protest of the services lasting from July end? We do not know that. It is known, however, that tomorrow at 11 a meeting of the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Joachim Brudziñski, with representatives of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uniformed Services subordinate to the Ministry of Interior and Administration is to take place. Protesters are demanding a salary increase of PLN 650 and a return to the previous pension system and unfreezing salary indexation.

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