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Black Friday: Biedronka returns with a fantastic price offer! You can buy Hoffen equipment cheaply


Biedronka introduces the Black Friday promotion

Black Friday is approaching – so-called Black Friday (27/11/2018) Traditionally, it is the period of the most-priced offers in online and stationary stores. Biedronka, however, decided to stay ahead of the competition and start its promotion from today, November 13, 2018. What can we buy cheaply? The network has focused this time on the offer of home appliances. In their stores, we can find, among others, cleaning robot Hoffen Systematic in price PLN 399. Hoffen 3in1 cordless vacuum cleaner costing PLN 349 and wireless mop electric Hoffen 4in1 used for cleaning wet and dry floors PLN 299.

Cheap Hoffen equipment again in Biedronka!

If you have long planned to relieve your home duties and help with new technology, Hoffen's wireless devices are a great solution. Cleaning robot Hoffen Systematic can handle, for example, with spilled sugar that is unintentionally by the toddler or the pet's fur. It has been equipped with several different work modes, thanks to which it will be perfect both on a surface such as tiles, non-floor carpeting or panels. Tired after a day, would you be happy to return to a clean home? The robot also has a special programmer, thanks to which you can decide yourself when it should start working. You do not have to supervise his work – Hoffen Systematic is able to get back to the dock itself to recharge the batteryand the house will move smoothly thanks to a set of sensors. The set also includes interchangeable filters and remote control.

Cheap car vacuum cleaner? Look for Biedronka!

Worth of attention is certainly also 3in1 cordless vacuum cleanerwhich will be great as both a classic vacuum cleaner and a car, and even a mop. What is worth attention in the case of this equipment is how quiet it works. If you do not like noise, or want to clean up just when the rest of the household is busy, cordless vacuum cleaner it will help you do the task almost silently. The equipment operates on one rechargeable battery for up to two hours, which greatly simplifies the quick order when you have time for it. Built-in waste tank 0.5 l and a special turbo brush meet the expectations of even the most demanding consumers. No cables it's also a lot of easier during small tidying in the car!

Hoffen home equipment – worth buying?

Due to the advantageous price offer, it is worth considering adding to the set of home appliances 4-in-1 electric mop. It's the perfect solution for busy people and those who value comfort when cleaning. Pre-Christmas cleaning will certainly facilitate a device that can work to 45 minutes on one battery charge. We can use both water with detergent and clean water for the mop. The equipment can easily handle several types of surfaces, such as stone floor, ceramic tiles or panels. So if this year you arrange Christmas Eve for your relatives, the Biedronka offer can help you organize your homework better.

More details of the offer can be found on Biedronka website!źródło:KomputerŚwiat/AG

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