Thursday , June 4 2020

Behind the scenes of Marian Banassi's contract with the former AK. "Very useful for NIK president"

Marian Banas does not intend to resign as head of the Supreme Audit Office, as the public gets acquainted with new arrangements regarding his property. It is a deal that Banas signed with Henrik Stachovski, a former AK soldier.

The value of the property, which veteran Marian Marian gave to the veteran, was five times the cost the current head of the Supreme Audit Office had to incur to maintain the donor – informs Rzeczpolita, whose reporters found what a lifetime contract they had. Banas signed in 2001 with Henrik Stachovski, a former soldier of the domestic army.

The agreement with the former AR Army for the transfer of valuable real estate was very useful for the head of the Supreme Audit Office – the newspaper's website says. As explains, besides the already famous rental house in Krakow, Stachovski also moved 4.7 hectares of land to the villages in Banasi.

The two properties were to be valued at 150,000 annuities. Zл Instead, Marian Banash would have to spend on veteran maintenance (including medicines, food and taxis) on average just 500 PLN per month for five years.

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According to Rzeczpolita, the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau has not checked this deal, as it can only analyze property declarations for up to five years.

Marian Banas became famous after the broadcast of TV Supervisor24. Journalists have found that the rented premises belonging to the head of the Supreme Audit Office have a "hotel for hours" operated by people from Krakow's underground. His statement on the property, which was reviewed by the CBA, also raised doubts. Banas said after the scandal erupted that he was on unpaid leave until the end of the inspection.

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