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"Apartment +". Changes in the government program. The Sejm adopted the law

The amendment is to improve the functioning of the National Property Resources (KZN), that is, the Land Land Bank. The new regulations allow you to acquire real estate, among other things, the ownership of state treasuries. In return, such a company will receive compensation. His amount and way of transfer will be agreed with the president of KZN – he gives Rzeczpospolita.

KZN will be able to create vehicles with special purpose, not only to now, with the units of local self-government, but also with state-owned companies or investment funds. This change will allow joint ventures with PFR Nieruchomości, a company that builds blocks under the "Mieszkanie +" program.

The National Center for Agricultural Support and the Military Property Agency will also receive money for the transfer of land to the state-owned land bank. They will receive 90 percent. income arising from the sale or provision of plots.

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The amended law also resigned from the so-called. normalized rent. Its amount was to depend, amongst, on the type of the lease agreement and the place where the buildings were built in the "Mieszkanie +" program. Thanks to this, the rent will be more flexible, so that the construction of apartments in this program will pay off – notes Rzeczpospolita.

The new act also introduces changes to the "Mieszkanie na Start" program. After the entry into force of the new regulations, I will be entitled to additional rentals. Under the amendment, the household with one person will receive support if its average monthly income does not exceed the average salary in the national economy published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (previously this limit was 60% of the average salary). For each next person in the household, this limit is increased by 40 percentage points, not by 30, as has been the case so far.

As part of the Mieszkanie + program, 846 apartments were created. 480 of them are solved, the tenants will soon relocate to the tenants. Blocks were built, among others in Wałbrzych and Gdynia. Construction of more than 650 apartments in Katowice, Kepec and Jarocin is underway, reports Rzeczpolopolita.

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